April 28, 2015


Moodbot is an online environment for patients who receive mental healthcare. It motivates patients to become more active and gives caretakers a guiding role.

It also offers clients a playful environment to interact, socialize and share their feelings without the need to ‘talk’ about it.

Care professionals get real-time, one-glance monitoring and an overview of the collected data which is shared with relevant team members.

Moodbot Features

  • Clients can express their mood based on predefined emotional states that they and their supervisors have negotiated.
  • Clients are never alone and can connect with others within Moodbot to look out for each other.
  • Supervisors can define real world rewards that clients can work towards as a group.
  • Create new client profiles and assign them to a supervisor and a team.
  • Customize and change game parameters to satisfy the client’s therapeutic needs.
  • Recognize mood patterns and recollect specific moments when talking with patients using the activity timeline.

Mediated Communication

The Moodbot therapy blends face-to-face contact with online interaction, in a “best of both worlds” appraoch. In a playful social environment patients (users) are asked to submit their mood data before entering the game world.

The mood values and challenges are predefined between supervisor and patient and are fully configurable. Once in Moodbot, clients can express and share their progress between themselves. They can explore the vessel, visit the rooms of other clients and navigate the vessel to explore the gameworld.


Moodbot was a collaborative effort of patients and caregivers from the start. Altrecht and HKU started their collaboration in 2008, by exploring the potential of game design principles in mental care. Now that there is a playable prototype we want to upscale Moodbot to a finished product.

We want to do this with other mental health institutions in the form of a consortium. Therefore we are searching for institutions that want to work with Moodbot. When your institution recognizes itself in the values that Moodbot embodies, contact the Moodbot Consortium!

Moodbot is a collaboration between:

Relevant Links

The Moodbot website: http://moodbot.nl/
To get in touch with the Moodbot projectleader, contact Marjolein van Woudenberg: m.van.woudenberg[at]altrecht.nl