May 19, 2014

MindWave Mobile

The MindWave Mobile safely measures and outputs the EEG power spectrums (alpha waves, beta waves, etc), NeuroSky eSense meters (attention and meditation) and eye blinks.

The device consists of a headset, an ear-clip, and a sensor arm. The headset’s reference and ground electrodes are on the ear clip and the EEG electrode is on the sensor arm, resting on the forehead above the eye (FP1 position).

Brainwave Starter Kit

Brainwave Starter Kit takes decades of laboratory EEG technology research and puts it in your hands. Simply slip on the headset and see your brainwaves change in real time. Monitor your levels of attention and relaxation, and learn about how your brain responds to your favorite music.

With more than 100 brain training games and educational apps available, there are plenty of options to choose from based on your age and personal interests. It’s an excellent introduction to the world of brain-computer interfaces!

The MindWave Mobile headset transfers data via Bluetooth™ to wirelessly communicate with your computer and mobile devices (iOS and Android).


  • Lightweight
  • Wireless
  • Safe passive biosensors
  • Supports Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad)
  • Supports Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • Supports Mac OS X 10.5.8, 10.6.x, and 10.7.x


  • Raw-Brainwaves
  • Processing and output of EEG power spectrums
    (Alpha, Beta, etc.)
  • NeuroSky eSense meter for Attention
  • NeuroSky eSense meter for Meditation
  • NeuroSky eSense Blink Detection
  • EEG/ECG signal quality analysis

Hardware Overview

  • Uses the TGAM1 module
  • Automatic wireless pairing
  • Single AAA Battery (Not included)
  • 8-hours battery run time
  • Bluetooth v2.1 Class 2 (10 meters range). Bluetooth dongle not included.
  • If you do not have Bluetooth on your PC/Mac, here are details on recommended Bluetooth dongles.
  • Static Headset ID (headsets have a unique ID for pairing purposes)
  • iOS and Android support

MindWave Mobile Specifications

  • Weight: 90g
  • Sensor arm up: height: 225mm x width: 155mm x depth: 92mm
  • Sensor Arm down: height: 225mm x width: 155mm x depth: 165mm

Bluetooth Specifications

  • BT Version: 2.1
  • BT Output Power: Class 2
  • BT Minimum Voltage: 1.0V
  • BT Range: 10m range
  • BT Power Consumption: 80mA (when connected and transmitting)
  • Low Battery Indicator 1.1V
  • UART(Serial): VCC, GNC, TX, RX
  • UART Baudrate: 57,600 Baud additional

Separate PC, Mac, iOS and Android Games and Apps are available in online App Stores, including the GainPlay Store.



MindWave Mobile

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