May 24, 2016

DJ Fiero

Rehabilitation game DJ Fiero is a video game designed to challenge and physically move rehabilitating patients with acquired brain injury (ABI). Since the game offers the possibility to manually adjust the exercises of the games, clinicians can build individual rehabilitation programs for patients. DJ Fiero works with the Kinect 2 sensor to record the movements of the player.

The game consists of five different exercise categories: movements of the upper extremity, lower extremity, trunk, mixed exercises and bonus exercises. Several specific exercises can be selected from these categories. An exercise may, for example, be an abduction movement of the arm, in which a target is projected at the level of the shoulder. With all these pre-programmed exercises a tailored game session can be constructed. The difficulty level can be set per exercise by adjusting the range of motion, speed and number of repetitions. This can be chosen for a low, medium or high setting. After playing, the succesful exercises, the speed and the length of time per repetition of the exercise can be viewed.

A prototype of DJ Fiero was initially developed by De Hoogstraat Rehabilitation working together with the Utrecht School of the Arts Innovation Lab. GainPlay Studio has further developed the game, with an eye on usability for both the practitioner and the player, delivering a fun game in which the rehabilitant is physically challenged and cognitively motivated.