October 8, 2013


About Us

GainPlay Studio designs and develops serious games that make you think and feel. Based in Utrecht the Netherlands, this small independent studio creates pioneering game experiences that cause fun and impactful play. At GainPlay Studio we incorporate evidence based scientific knowledge into our games from a user centered point of view.

Co-creation helps us to understand players and find fitting solutions to our design challenges. Through research and extensive playtesting we refine games towards our goals to deliver a motivating and insightful gameplay experience.

The Founders

Jan JonkJan Jonk

Co-founder, Interaction and Game Designer with a special interest in creating innovative user experiences. In 2010 Jan graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts with a Master of Arts in European Media.

Jan first started working with Brein-Computer Interfaces during his graduation project and saw a lot of opportunites for a promising technology that would let people gain insight into their personal processes. As a gamer Jan spends his time playing and thinking about games, examining player motivation and considering intruiging design challenges.

Jan examines what biofeedback can mean for different target audiences and how research can inform practical gameplay experiences where patients are able to train themselves through playful interaction.

Jan creates his own ant farms and is the first person to have captured an ant Queen unwrapping an egg on video.

Get in touch with Jan by contacting jan[at]gainplaystudio.com

Remi NewtonRemi Newton

Co-founder and Lead Programmer in all of GainPlay Studio’s projects. Remi graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts in Game Design & Development, in 2010.

Remi is current and long time holder of the record on the Mindout game highscore. As a gamer with an unusually high focus and tenacity, Remi likes to play anything from RTS games to tabletop boardgames and is always a force to be reckoned with.

Remi Newton is a core programmer with a creative approach, his prototyping skills are fast, fun and to the point. He’s also self-proclaimed family man that always lends an ear to a friendly developer with a problem.

Remi laughs a lot and can break into uncontrollable maniacal laughter at any given time.

Contact Remi at remi[at]gainplaystudio.com

Teun AalbersTeun Aalbers

Co-Founder, Commercial Director and Business Manager. Teun graduated in 2009 from Human Movement Sciences and went on to obtain a PhD in 2016 from the Radboudumc on Lifestyle Improvement using eHealth.

Teun is at home in academic fields and healthcare. For GainPlay Studio Teun examines suitable markets, assists customers and organizations, and manages GainPlay’s business development.

Teun is one of the few people in the world to have finished a puzzle of 24.000 pieces.

To reach Teun contact teun[at]gainplaystudio.com

Frederik JansenFrederik Jansen

Lead Artist and Designer, inspired by new technology that influences social interaction, community, environment, communication and health. Graduated as new media designer at Grafisch lyceum in 2008 and as illustrator from the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in 2013.

Frederik fell in love with designing games in primary school, together with friends using visual scripting software. When done with his schoolwork he spended his time testing games and levels on classmates. He believes games have great potential for expanding the mind and learning new abilities in a safe playfull environment.

Frederik always has music stuck in his mind, is lead singer in a Red Hot Chili Peppers Tributeband and likes getting from A to B on his bamboo longboard.

Get in touch with Frederik by contacting frederik[at]gainplaystudio.com

Our Partners

Radboud University Medical CenterRadboud UMC

Radboud university medical center is a leading academic center for patient care, education and research, with the mission ‘to have a significant impact on healthcare’. Radboud UMC’s activities help to improve healthcare and consequently the health of individuals and of society.
Visit the Radboud UMC site.

Werkgeversvereniging Zorg en WelzijnWerkgeversvereniging Zorg en Welzijn

WZW is the employers’ association of Health and Welfare in Gelderland, the Netherlands. WZW accompanies clients personally to solve their current and future personnel and organizational issues. As employers’ organization by and for Gelderland care and welfare, WZW provides relevant industry and area specific knowledge and information.
Visit the WZW site.

De Hoogstraat RevalidatieDe Hoogstraat Revalidatie

At De Hoogstraat Revalidatie children, youth and adults with many different diseases are treated. Most patients have some limitations in movement and communication and cognitive impairments. Together with Roessingh Research and Development, Hoogstraat has been researching the use of applied games in the treatment of children and (young) adults with brain injury.
Visit the Hoogstraat site.

Roessingh Research and DevelopmentRRD

Roessingh Research and Development (RRD), the largest Dutch scientific research centre for rehabilitation technology, is an independent R&D organization linked to the Roessingh rehabilitation centre in Enschede. RRD is internationally recognized as a centre of excellence in the fields of rehabilitation technology and telemedicine.
Visit the Roessingh site.

Radboud UniversityRadboud University

Radboud University is a broad, international oriented university that aspires to be one of the best in Europe. Together with Radboudumc, they have created an intellectual environment that inspires and challenges students and staff alike so that they can extend the scope of academic disciplines and benefit society.
Visit the Radboud University site.

Hogeschool Arnhem NijmegenHAN

HAN offers high-quality, practice-based education to more than 30,000 students. HAN’s centres of expertise provide tailored research to companies and institutions. HAN University of Applied Sciences holds paramount its responsibility to contribute to the development of society. As such, HAN is strongly committed to promoting and sharing knowledge and skills.
Visit the HAN site.

HKU University of the Arts UtrechtHKU

HKU University of the Arts Utrecht offers preparatory courses, bachelor and master programmes and research degrees in fine art, design, media, games and interaction, music, theatre and arts management. With more than 3,900 students, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht is one of the largest art and culture-oriented institutes in Europe.
Visit the HKU site.


IPPO is a development company that works with clients to develop online interventions, many of which have been proven effective. Using video, animation, interactive tasks and principles of gamification to optimize the user experience and thereby maximize the intervention fidelity.
Visit the IPPO site.

Chardon PharmaChardon Pharma

Chardon Pharma acts as partner in collaborative research projects. Chardon Pharma offers techniques, models and laboratory facilities on contract basis. Chardon Pharma is embedded in academia, in the Donders Institute for Neuroscience of the Radboud University, and consists of a small team of drug-hunters with a track record in the pharmaceutical industry.
Visit the Chardon Pharma site.

Dutch Game GardenDutch Game Garden

Dutch Game Garden (DGG) is a non-profit organisation supporting game developers in the Netherlands. DGG provides studio space, incubation, events, advice & matchmaking. DGG organizes events and masterclasses and co-operates with the government, universities and companies to create the ultimate creative mix.
Visit the DGG site.

Hibernate StudiosHibernate Studios

Hibernate Studios is a startup gamecompany made up of passionate and crazy creatives that makes expansive fantasy mobile games. As a valued collaboration partner on GainPlay projects, Hibernate is a good friend and neighbour to GainPlay Studio, and we love working and talking together.
Visit the Hibernate Studios site.

Gray Lake StudiosGray Lake Studios

Gray Lake is a small studio that makes smart atmospheric games and applications that almost always have some form of physics at the core. As a strong discussion and collaboration partner, Gray Lake is a valuable friend of GainPlay Studio.
Visit the GrayLake Studios site.

The PlayNice InstituteThe PlayNice Institute

A non-profit organization that focuses on the design and development of games that promote emotional resilience through skills acquired while children are immersed in games they love to play. The PlayNice Institute promotes a radical shift in mental health approaches for children through game-based interventions as the “next generation” solutions.
Visit the PlayNice Institute site.

University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMCU)UMC Utrecht

The UMC Utrecht is an international leading university medical centre where knowledge about health, sickness and care, for patients and society, is made, tested, shared and applied.
Visit the UMCU site.


HeartLive is a hardware and software development company that creates affordable heart rythm sensors. Using heart rythm coherence as a measure, their hard- and software is used to discover how your body reacts to stress, and how to balance your nervous system in a playful manner.
Visit the HeartLive site.


NeuroSky is at the forefront of biosensor innovation with one goal in mind: to make biosensor technology available on a mass-market scale, to power a variety of wearable products that improve human health and wellness. As the market-leading biosensor company we are proud to call NeuroSky one of our premier partners.
Visit the NeuroSky site.


Claynote is Rik Nieuwdorp. He considers music art, and his expertise is adaptive music. We were very lucky to work with this very talented, passionate and award-winning artist on our game Daydream.
Visit the Claynote site.

Ronald van WonderenRonald van Wonderen

Ronald is a very diverse sound designer and music composer/producer for all forms of media such as film, television and games as well as art projects such as installation art pieces. He is great fun to work with and brings a lot of creativity to the table working on projects.
Visit the Ronald van Wonderen site.

Embedded FitnessEmbedded Fitness

Embedded Fitness has created an innovative physical health concept. Gaming, moving, relaxing and entertainment in in specially equipped centers for young and old. The E-fit area provides space for meeting, social interaction and competition.
Visit the Embedded Fitness site.

Our Mission

GainPlay Studio has a special interest and is experienced in using innovative interfaces such as neuroheadsets and biometric sensors. Through advances in these technologies we are able to use real-time emotional and cognitive feedback to create an unforgettable and rich experience for our clients and players. We want our games to show you the potential you didn’t even know you had, while being fun and satisfying to play.

We design to influence behaviour, through interaction with a biofeedback- or brain-computer interface, or by applying this knowledge of cognition processes in our designs. We design emotion and behaviour while always considering how our game affects the player. We work to confront complicated questions in a playful though serious manner, so our players and users can develop a deeper understanding into their own personal processes.