February 17, 2014


Animotion is tablet application that came out of a week long Magic Mind gamejam bootcamp. MagicMind stimulates empowerment of children. And our goal was to conceptualize and prototype a game or application that supports their empowerment principles. Animotion was designed for children ages 8-12, to stimulate their emotional resilience while engaging in motivating play.

In Animotion you make drawings on a tablet and your colors are influenced by your brainwaves. If you feel relaxed, your colors are deep and vibrant! But if you’re not feeling calm, then your ink will look washed out and pale. By taking a moment to relax whenever your colors become dull you train yourself to draw when you’re in the zone. Or just make beautiful art with colors that reflect your inner self.


  • Paint with colors that reflect your brainwaves
  • Learn to control the flow of your relaxation as you control the flow of your paint
  • Get the most out of your creative process by training yourself to get in a calm zone
  • Draw between the lines or in freeform
  • When you’re done drawing, attach an animation to your drawing and drag it onto the animated canvas


For this project we teamed up with a number of awesome people. We had a great time making this prototype and hope to work together more with these wonderful people in the future! The team consisted of:

Special Thanks

These people made the Bootcamp a great succes and have our thanks.
Joseph Safi Harb; Laurina Hildering van Lith; Willem-Jan Renger; Jaap Gerretsen; Isabela Granic; Adam Lobel;

Project Status

Production on Animotion is currently frozen. Although we love this app and believe it has a lot of potential, to develop it into a full product takes time and effort. We are currently looking for investment or a publisher to carry this product and make it available to a large audience. If you can help, please let us know!