What We Do

We design, develop and co-create serious games and apps with you. Translating and transforming science and knowledge into playful, engaging and effective serious and applied game solutions for healthcare, wellness and sciences. As a small team of passionate and smart creatives we go the extra mile to deliver motivating and insightful game experiences that cause fun and impactful play.

DJ Fiero

DJ Fiero is a game that helps rehabilitate children with Acquired Brain Injury. To engage children in their therapy longer and more frequently through playful interactive physical therapy.

Hands On

A game that allows children with Cerebral Palsy to rehabilitate their fine motor skills. Kids save a garden from angry gnomes by trapping them with objects through a Kinect installation.


Daydream is a reflection of your mindfulness. Relax, and the world changes. Using a simple sensor that measures your calmness, you can relieve your stress through playful meditation.


An applied horror-survival game for kids suffering from anxiety disorders. An immersive training ground using evidence-based therapeutic practices to help children overcome their fears.

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The GainPlay Team

An eclectic and passionate bunch of experienced professionals.
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Jan Jonk

Co-Founder, Lead Designer
Co-founder, CEO and Interaction Designer with a special interest in creating innovative user experiences.

In 2010 Jan graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts with a Master of Arts in European Media.
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Remi Newton

Co-Founder, Lead Programmer
Co-founder, CTO and lead programmer in all of GainPlay Studio’s projects.

Remi graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts in Game Design & Development, in 2010.
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Teun Aalbers

Co-Founder, Business Manager
Teun Aalbers is a PhD student at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre.

After obtaining a degree in sports and health he decided to start an academic career to eventually become an entrepreneur.
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Frederik Jansen

Lead Artist
Lead Artist and Designer inspired by new technology that influences social interaction, community, environment, communication and health.

Frey graduated as an illustrator from the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in 2013.


GainPlay Studio is a gamecompany specialized in the design and development of applied games for healthcare, sciences and wellness.
Through co-creation we deliver a motivating and insightful gameplay experience.

GainPlay Studio designs and develops applied games that make you think and feel. Based in Utrecht the Netherlands, this small independent studio creates pioneering game experiences that cause fun and impactful play. At GainPlay Studio we incorporate evidence based scientific knowledge into our games from a user centered point of view.

Co-creation helps us to understand players and find fitting solutions to our design challenges. Through research and extensive playtesting we refine games towards our goals to deliver a motivating and insightful gameplay experience.

GainPlay Studio has a special interest and is experienced in using innovative interfaces such as neuroheadsets and biometric sensors. Through advances in these technologies we are able to use real-time emotional and cognitive feedback to create an unforgettable and rich experience for our clients and players.

  • Design

    Good design is equal parts usability, aesthetic and durability.

  • Usability

    Usability means making products easier to use, and matching them closely to player needs and requirements.

  • Aesthetic

    Beauty in design evokes emotion and immersion. Involving order, arrangement, harmonious rythm and symmetry.

  • Durability

    A well-made software foundation is key to success. We develop software solutions that are reliable, accurate and secure.

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We can design, develop and co-create an applied game with you. We also do demonstrations and exhibitions for many different occasions. Neurogaming offers exciting and insightful experiences that we love to share with people. Find out more by dropping us a few lines.